'Real Blac Chyna': Star and Friend Treasure Feuding Following Embezzlement Accusation

Chyna looks taken aback by the claims before firing back, 'I asked you to use a W9 so I could f***ing write you off! Embezzle?! SO let me pull up receipts, 'cause you's a bum a** b***h.'

AceShowbiz - Blac Chyna's friendship with Treasure didn't look good in latest sneak peek of Chyna's reality show "The Real Blac Chyna". The former best friends were seen arguing over money issue with Treasure accusing Chyna of embezzlement.

During the verbal altercation, Chyna could be heard telling Treasure, who also served as her assistant, "I give you money on top of thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars! You're so ungrateful." She went on comparing her with her mother Toni Tokyo, "You fall into the category of, like, Toni – and that's how I'm looking at you. And it's really sad."

Treasure was baffled with Chyna's words about her and responded, "Wow! Me?" Chyna then continued slamming her ex-pal, seemingly accusing her of taking advantage of her. " I gave you so much money that I had to make you fill out a W9! And that's f***ed up!" she yelled.

And that was when Treasure snitched on the former "Rob & Chyna" star. She claimed that Chyna was making her help do some sort of "embezzlement" scam. "No, you asked me to fill out a W9 to help you embezzle money," Treasure said.

Chyna looked taken aback before firing back, "I asked you to use a W9 so I could f***ing write you off! Embezzle?! SO let me pull up receipts, 'cause you's a bum a** b***h." Treasure, who later decided to quit the show, replied, "Pull 'em! So now I'm done! 'cause I'm a bum a** b***h. I've been waiting for you to say that for a long time."

The reality TV star shared the clip on Instagram alongside a caption that read, "When things get too real, it can get ugly and you sometimes lose the people closest to you as a result. Never expected this season of my life and #TheRealBlacChyna to go this way."

The post didn't sit well with Treasure as she decided to express her disappointment in her best friend. "When I Heard The Intro I Should Have Known.. The Feelings Were Never Reciprocated.. Its Not Each Other, It's Me Always There For You! Always Had Your Back! I Would Never Let Anyone Hurt You Or Put You In A Bad Position or Light.. if I Could Prevent It!" she wrote in a now-deleted post.

"I Love Whole Hearted And Everyone Who Knows Me Knows That..I Do Not Know What Happened For This To Happen Like This ?? I Was Blind sided By The Production Team & Someone Who I Considered Family. Initially This Was Suppose To Show Angela White..The Mother, Business Woman & Friend.. We Ain't Seen Nothing But Blac Chyna Destroying Her Relationships With People Who Love Her. Like I Said I Would Do Anything For Her, Which Included A Lot Of Things That Hurt Me Just To Ensure She Succeeds!" she continued.

Concluding her rant, Treasure wrote, "I Have Always Been A Support System For You Always Because You Always Said You Had No One Else.. But I Have Siblings Friends And Family Who Love Me!! I'm Everyone's Favorite Sister, Cousin, Friend and So On! So I Know It's Not Me! I Swear if Had I Known I Would Lose My BestFriend In A 5 Minute Set Up Conversation.. I Would Have Never Even Filmed."

The lenghty post seemingly wasn't enough for her as she later vented her anger in a comment under Chyna's post. "Ima always be blessed lik I have been!" she wrote, before adding in a separate post, "U set me up with them! Look at you! U cut everypart that was important."

"The Real Blac Chyna" airs on Sundays at 8 P.M. on Zeus.

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