John Singleton's Baby Mama Supports Claims His GF Rayvon Jones Is Responsible for His Death

In addition to that, Tosha Riea accuses the late director's girlfriend of 'changing the locks on a house my daughter has lived in for 24 years,' threatening and harassing her.

AceShowbiz - Is Ravyon Jones really to blame for the death of John Singleton? Even though she has denied that she did nothing to help him on the night he first suffered a stroke, John's baby mama Tosha Riea has now spoken out to back the accusation and give more details about what happened prior to the late director's death.

In an Instagram post, Tosha alleged that Ravyon "withheld medical attention" when he had his stroke and that she only watched him "foam at the mouth from a stroke and later bleed from an aneurysm." She added, "Not once did she call 911 or attempt to take him to the hospital even as he gasped Doctor in pain. She was so upset that their relationship had ended."

According to Tosha, Ravyon eventually took him to the hospital, but he "was too far gone." Making matters worse, she allegedly abandoned him right away and flied to Houston without telling anyone about his condition. It's said that Ravyon also bragged about this to several people, allegedly saying things like, "He went to Costa Rica without me" and "I had the baby with me, what was I supposed to do."

Tosha claimed that he only learned of his critical condition when the production crew of "Snowfall" called several hospitals to check John's whereabouts.

It appeared that wasn't the only bad things that Ravyon did. Tosha claimed that she "[harassed and changed] the locks on a house my daughter has lived in for 24 years, and rightfully inherited." She further said, "It's been hard to stay on the sidelines and watch my daughter be threatened by her and her minions. It's been hard watching young siblings that were once close have their relationship disintegrate because of her manipulation."

Ravyon has previously denied the accusation, explaining that John did complain about being sick and that he thought it was due to food poisoning. However, she didn't recall seeing John throwing up that night, so she speculated that it was nothing serious. If she knew his condition was really bad, Ravyon stressed that she would have done something to help him.

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