There are many reasons why people suspect that one relationship seems fake and most of the times it's when they announced their relationship amid their collaboration.

Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe

Michael Jackson dated his dermatological nurse Debbie Rowe not long after he split from Lisa Marie Presley. Although the King of Pop was married to Debbie for years, people seemed to notice that there wasn't spark between them during their loveless marriage.

Debbie, with whom MJ shared three children, herself admitted in a British newspaper that they never had sex, explaining, "I went to the 'office,' which is what we called the medical clinic. They impregnated me. It's just like I impregnate my mares for breeding. It was very technical." She added, "Just like I stick the sperm up my horse, this is what they did to me. I was his thoroughbred." She went on dropping bombshells, "Michael was divorced, lonely and wanted children. I was the one who said to him, 'I will have your babies.' I offered him my womb -- it was a gift. It was something I did to keep him happy."

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