There are many reasons why people suspect that one relationship seems fake and most of the times it's when they announced their relationship amid their collaboration.

Nicole Richie and Steve-O

Fans might remember when Nicole Richie and Steve-O were in romantic relationship back in 2006. The pair were on the peak of their careers with Nicole starring on "The Simple Life" with bestie Paris Hilton while Steve was known for his crazy stunts on "Jackass". When the former couple announced their romance, people couldn't help but doubt though they eventually thought that their relationship might work since both were wild.

However, it didn't. Just like what people initially suspected, all of it was done for publicity with Steve himself confirming it. "The truth is she wanted some publicity for something other than being skinny. It was a big publicity stunt," he coolly revealed. "She would come pick me up -- I don't drive. I think she called the paparazzi too. These mother effers were coming from all directions."

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