T-Pain Gets Caught in Lightsaber Fight in New York City - Watch Wild Video
WENN/Nicky Nelson

In a video that has since gone viral, the winner of 'The Masked Singer' season 1 is seen being confronted by a couple of white men before his friends come to help him.

AceShowbiz - T-Pain was recently caught in a brawl in New York City, but it wasn't the kind of fight that you would probably be thinking. Instead of using fists or guns, the rapper and his opponents were fighting with lightsabers.

One video has gone viral showing the winner of "The Masked Singer" season 1 being confronted by a couple of white men. When the men looked like they were more ready to jump on T-Pain, some of the "Get Low" rapper's friends showed up while holding their own lightsabers. That was when one of his pals tossed a lightsaber to T-Pain, who was determined to get back at his opponents.

The next scene showed the group fighting with the lightsabers, with T-Pain's opponents appearing to be in the losing end because the "Buy U a Drank" hitmaker was later seen taking off a guy's shoes and threw them away. Meanwhile, his friends were beating up the other guy, still using their lightsabers.

Social media users couldn't help but laugh after watching the video, admitting to thinking that T-Pain was getting attacked for real. "Bruh I got scared the first few seconds," someone said, as another similarly said, "Damn this scared me I was about to say who can hate my man tpain." One other, meanwhile, admitted, "I was about to say...WHAT WAS THE REASON!!!!!! this man mind his business."

Some others were just genuinely happy to see T-Pain and his friends having fun. "The lightsaber toss he caught that b***h so funny," one user said. One individual jokingly said, "Light saber violence is getting out of hand these days. We need more light Saber laws enacted to prevent these crimes. First, the blue ones need to be band, there is no reason why a non-jedi should have one."

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