Fans Defend Ariana Grande After Internet Cancels Her Because of This
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This arrives after a rumor that states Frank Ocean is threatening to sue the 'Thank U, Next' hitmaker for using his song 'Close to You' without permission surfaces online.

AceShowbiz - If you log in to your Twitter account, you will notice that the hashtag "Ariana Grande Is Over Party" is trending on the blue bird app. Many people are apparently canceling the Nickelodeon alum following a rumor which stated that Frank Ocean is threatening to sue Ariana for using his song "Close to You" without permission at her Lollapalooza headlining set.

One person believed the rumors and immediately called her out, "lmao why did Ariana use 'close to you' without frank's permission." The "Thank U, Next" hitmaker caught wind of the remarks and would not back down just like that, shutting down the rumors. "I didn't. We changed the interlude bc I prefer 'adore.' please stop making s**t up every time I log off for a few hours and u get bored," she said.

It appeared the user regretted his/her action because later on, s/he tweeted an apology and admitted that s/he should have never posted the tweet in the first place. "I'm so sorry Ariana and from now on I won't follow along any rumors about you ever. I love you so much I'm so sorry," the user said, to which Ariana responded, "Naw I love u. just exhausting seeing people talk. Love u to the moon n back."

But the rumor apparently was not the thing that made people cancel her. It was because of her initial response to the user that many people deemed rude. It got worse when K-Pop fans joined in using the hashtag, possibly because of past issues they had with Ariana. She was previously accused of being "disrespectful" to fans at a concert in South Korea in addition to allegedly liking a tweet shading Kris Wu.

Her fans, obviously, didn't let their idol be dragged and came to her defense. "I swear ariana can't say s**t without y'all being sensitive and taking it personally she has every right to tell her fans to stop making rumors imagine trying to cancel her can't relate," one said. "Can y'all knock it off with the #arianagrandeisoverparty She wasn't being 'harsh.' she was defending her career and integrity. Quit being so sensitive," another said.

One other, meanwhile, wrote, "The people that try to cancelled the artist are just idiots!!! That are jealous of them. Trying to give them more hate.." There was also someone who dubbed the haters "insane" for trying to "cancel the most ICONIC and perfect human being ever and someone we truly need in the music industry rn."

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