Moniece Slaughter Blasts 'LHH: Hollywood' Producers Over Show's Preview

In the preview, Moniece appears to confront April, who is reportedly dating Moniece's baby's father Lil Fizz, before he can be seen approaching the two ladies during their explosive argument.

AceShowbiz - Moniece Slaughter is not satisfied with how "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" edited her part in the newly-released sneak peek of upcoming episode of season 6. As the VH1 is gearing up to exit the franchise, she seemingly wanted to leave the show with viewers seeing the truth amid her drama with co-stars April Jones and Lil Fizz.

In the preview, Moniece appeared to confront April, who is reportedly dating Moniece's baby's father Fizz. At one point, Fizz could be seen approaching the two ladies during their argument. "She wanted to have a conversation with you," April told Fizz, who later told Moniece, "There's nothing to talk about. I wish you the best right now, hope you have a great day. That's it."

Upon watching the clip, Moniece took to her Instagram account to get some things off her chest. "I'm sure my face says it all. But I didn't like the edit I saw last night," she wrote in the now-deleted post. "Since everybody wants me to be mad about the parts of this scenario that don't affect me, I'll entertain it. Clearly the real issues will always get lost in translation. And I've come so far. I've grown tremendously."

"I wanted to leave the series on a high. I want to leave peacefully. So how about we try this one last time. I'm going to give these two one more opportunity to have a RESPECTFUK conversation with me about what actually matters here," she said. "And it's not them. It's not me. It's MY SON," she continued, asking April and Fizz to have an open, honest and quiet conversation without yelling.

"Last year I was quiet on social media all season about the show. This year I didn't watch a single EP or clip of 'ATL'. I stopped liking any and all show related comments on social media until this erupted," she shared. "So before I learn how to get like my sweet brutha Omarion. Let me revive the old me real quick."

"Clock is ticking. Somebody go tell production they got til the end of the week to round Barnum & Bailey up. Before I go find em' myself," she warned.

Production of the series has yet to respond to Moniece's warning. Meanwhile, viewers will find out what will happen later in season 6 of "LHH: Hollywood" which airs on Mondays at 8 P.M. on VH1.

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