YouTube Star Brooke Houts Apologizes for Slapping Her Dog, Police Investigation Is Underway

In a lengthy statement posted on Twitter, the popular YouTube star claims she didn't hurt her Doberman, Sphinx, and that her treatment to her dog was part of the animal's training.

AceShowbiz - YouTube star Brooke Houts has landed herself in hot water after she accidentally uploaded footage of her slapping and shoving her dog. In a video which she posted on her YouTube channel on Tuesday, August 6, she told viewers that she's going to prank her Doberman named Sphinx by putting a plastic wrap on a door.

But when the dog jumped excitedly on Brooke as she was standing near a door, she slapped the animal on the head so hard that it was audible, before she was diving down to grab him. Later when Brooke continued addressing the viewers while sitting down, she aggressively shoved the dog on the floor and appeared to spit on him when he came at her face.

Brooke was visibly annoyed when the dog kept walking around her while she was still talking to the camera and at one point she pushed the dog so hard. She was heard off the camera yelling to her dog repeatedly, "Lay down!"

Hours later, Brooke removed the original version of the video and shared an edited version, but she already received many backlashes from Twitter users. One reacted to the clip, "I'm so friggin disgusted. Brooke Houts abuses her dog for wanting affection. I am so angered by this."

Another angry user wrote, "I'm not gonna lie I'm ready to go get that doberman myself if that dog isn't removed from Brooke Houts' home. I'm not even kidding animals should never be hit or treated in that matter." Someone else similarly commented, "Crazy woman. Dobermans are the sweetest dogs who deserve to be treated right, so I will gladly take your dog away from your abusive ass."

Brooke later also removed the edited video and posted a lengthy apology on Twitter. "Anything I say isn't going to make those believe I'm a bad person stop believing that, and I'm aware of this. I apologize to anyone who has been effected [sic] negatively by the footage," she wrote on Wednesday.

Brooke Houts Apologizes for Slapping Her Dog

Claiming that she's "rarely as upset as what was shown in the footage," she admitted that "I'm playing up my mood in this video when I'm clearly actually frustrated." She said that she didn't try to justify her behavior, before adding, "Should I have gotten as angry as I did in the video? No. Should I have raised my voice and yelled at him? No. However, when my 75 lb. Doberman is jumping in my face with his mouth open, I do, as a dog parent, have to show him that this behavior is unacceptable."

Brooke Houts Apologizes for Slapping Her Dog

She went on claiming that her actions toward her dog were part of the animal's training since she can't afford a "VERY expensive" 1-on-1 training with a professional trainer. She also denied that she spit on her dog or hurt the animal in any way.

"I am NOT a dog abuser or animal abuser in any way, shape, or form," she went on claiming. "Anyone who has witnessed or heard true animal abuse will be able to clearly see that. My dog, in no way, shape, or form was hurt by any action that I displayed in this video."

Brooke Houts Apologizes for Slapping Her Dog

"Anyone who knows me personally knows I have an immense love for animals, including my own," she insisted. "I would never do anything to purposefully physically or mentally harm any animal. Again, I should NOT have yelled at him or have been as physically aggressive as I was, and I'm fully aware of that. He was not hurt, nor has he ever been purposefully hurt by me. I know I'll be in many future situations where he's being physical, but I will not respond this way again."

Brooke Houts Apologizes for Slapping Her Dog

Despite Brooke's apology, the video has caught the attention of LAPD's Animal Cruelty unit, which is currently investigating the incident. "We received several direct messages related to a YouTube video which people believe shows animal abuse. LAPD Animal Cruelty Task Force has received numerous complaints related to the same video and are looking into the matter," says a spokesperson for LAPD.

Meanwhile, PETA slams the YouTube star, saying in a statement to, "Animals deserve our respect and kindness, not to be slapped, grabbed and spit on. The video of Brooke Houts abusing her dog is disturbing and warrants her removal from the platform, and PETA is urging YouTube to do just that."

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