Odell Beckham Jr. Hits Back at Critics of Him Dating Model Lauren Wood

People, especially black women, are mad because they believe that the Cleveland Browns wide receiver's new girlfriend is a white woman when she in fact is a black woman.

AceShowbiz - Odell Beckham Jr. has found himself a new lover, though people are not really supportive of his new relationship. The Cleveland Browns wide receiver has been criticized for dating Instagram model Lauren Wood, but he unsurprisingly would not let himself be dragged just like that.

The backlash started after people believed that Lauren was a white woman, when she's in fact a black woman. This didn't sit well with many, especially black women, who were quick to blast Odell for dating a white woman instead of a black woman. "Of all women, that's what he's into?" one disagreed, as another said, "They haven't learned they lesson with them white women."

An individual sarcastically said, "Isn't it common for a black man to get rich, then go marry a white girl??? @obj we aren't surprised AT ALL love." On the other hand, someone said that athletes "are soooo predictable. Same type of girls.generation after generation."

Odell apparently found the negative comments funny, but still decided to hit back at them. "So ppl can't be happy anymore!!? Whole world gotta be about color. And in fact Lo u got some explaining to do, 'u meannn to tell me..that ur not....white!!!? Awwwwh the deception."

He added in a separate comment, "allllooott of the women in these comments whose hating ( no disrespect at all) I wouldn't holla at y'all if it was a bet on the line. Stop it I'm very appreciate for women being placed on this earth... I raallly really mean that, but some of y'all commenting is hittt."

Besides being criticized for dating someone who looks like a white woman, Odell was also trolled as many believed was true. When one user told him, "thought u like dudes," he lightheartedly responded, "u sounds all kinda dumb af boi."

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