Donald Trump Dated Black Woman, According to Russell Simmons
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Taking to his Instagram account, the Def Jam co-founder says he was the one who introduced POTUS to his black ex-girlfriend, whom he dated briefly before meeting Melania Trump.

AceShowbiz - Despite being heavily known as a racist, Donald Trump has apparently dated a black woman before. Russell Simmons, who used to be good friends with POTUS, made the revelation through an Instagram post that was shared on Monday, August 5.

The post was accompanied with a throwback photo of P. Diddy, Trump and Melania Trump during what appeared to be a party. Without mentioning the name of the woman, Russell said that he was the one who introduced Trump to the African-American lady, adding that they ended up dating for a short time before he met Melania.

But that wasn't the only thing that the Def Jam co-founder did to his former good friend. Elsewhere in the post, he mentioned how he once brought Trump to "mosque when he spoke poorly about Muslims, brought rabbis to his office when he made anti Semitic statements, and 'reminded him' when he made unconscious remarks or made any hateful statements."

However, Russell decided to cut all contacts with Trump once the latter announced his candidacy. "I was on cnn I remember my words 'I would rather any of his reality star competition became president' I haven't spoken to him since the day after I said that," Russell recalled.

Concluding his post, Russell urged his followers not to vote Trump next year because "he's done a hellacious thing to this country." The music mogul said, "We will stand tall vote him out and turn this around. I have faith .resilience and I will work hard to deliver anyone else to the White House Lets all work together. We have a unifying call to go to work."

Even though Russell didn't mention the name of Trump's black ex-girlfriend, the 73-year-old used to date biracial model Kara Young for two years in the past.

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