Kirk Frost's Baby Mama Calls Him and Rasheeda 'Fake TV Parents' After They Blast Her on 'LHH: ATL'

Jasmine Washington is clearly not having it after the 50-year-old VH1 star and his rapper wife denied claims that he is a deadbeat dad to his son with his ex-mistress.

AceShowbiz - Jasmine Washington was clearly not having it when she watched Kirk Frost and wife Rasheeda badmouth her on "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" reunion. During the episode, the married couple denied claims that he's a deadbeat dad to his son with Jasmine, Kannon, before accusing his ex-side chick of being the real issue in their feud.

In his defense, Kirk said he already cared enough about his son, but Jasmine wanted more than that. "I think she expects me to be there like she was in a relationship," he said. "And she gotta understand, it was something different, and you chose to move forward with the situation, and you gotta kind of deal with it."

Meanwhile, Rasheeda reminded Jasmine that she was merely Kirk's former side chick. Thus, she has no rights to ask a lot of things to the 50-year-old. She said, "You had a child with a married man and a family. He's not gonna change his structure for you. He never made you think that s**t from the beginning! So don't think now that that child is in place that everything is gonna change. It's not."

Following the episode, Jasmine decided to get some things off her chest. She took to Instagram to call out both Kirk and Rasheeda for allegedly using her son for the cameras and pretending to care about him when they are not. Calling them "fake TV parents," she stood by her claim and demanded Kirk to "be there like a f***ing father."

Insisting that she had never asked "for much" from Kirk, Jasmine continued in the now-deleted post, "Surely you can take out an hour of your 'busy schedule' to see him for his bday or pick him up for example. Damn maybe even a 30sec phone call from your daughter's phone to wish him a happy bday? Is that me wanting y'all to change your 'structure'??? Is that me expecting you to be there like we're in a relationship??"

Clearly not satisfied enough, Jasmine went on accusing them of only caring about her son when the cameras are rolling. "Y'all so focused on 'reality TV' and having a storyline you got me f***ed up in real life!" she said. "Don't know what storyline world you live in but better believe having a child does change everything. Or should if you're an active parent!" Jasmine concluded her lengthy rant, "Now you may continue with you fake a** reality show that no longer cares about reality."

Both Kirk and Rasheeda haven't responded to Jasmine's diss.

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