'Bachelorette' Finale Part 2 Recap: Hannah Brown's Short-Lived Engagement, Bold Move to [SPOILER]

In the episode, Hannah goes through a proposal and a breakup, though she concludes the episode by making a bold move as a single woman which hints at an epic reconciliation.

AceShowbiz - "The Bachelorette" aired the second part of its season 15 finale. The episode saw Hannah Brown having to choose betweeen Jed Wyatt or Tyler Cameron. Tyler opted for a cushion cut surrounded by a gorgeous halo of diamonds for his engagement ring for Hannah, while Jed picked an oval shape ring which also includes a halo and diamond band.

Hannah clearly was freaking out ahead of the final rose ceremony. "I really can't do this," she told a producer after tripping and falling to the ground. She finally was able to calm herself down, revealing that she already had her decision made.

Tyler was the first one to make an entrance, which was never a good sign. He told Hannah how much he loved her, but Hannah interrupted, "I am so lucky to be loved by you and to feel that. You have supported me, you have been so sweet and strong for me and done everything that I asked and more and loved me so much. My life with you would be amazing."

She went on saying, "When I told you I was falling in love with you…I meant it. But I love someone else. I'm so sorry."

Later, it was Jed's turn to pop the question to Hannah. As he's a musician, he brought his guitar and sang a song because "talking's hard sometimes for [him]." Hannah totally loved it as she said, "I've been praying for this moment for a long time. I've been praying for you. You supported me you loved me, you challenged me, you moved me and it's made me love you so, so much. I am in complete love with you. I love you, Jed Wyatt."

Telling Hannah that he didn't want to live another day without her, Jed asked her to marry him. Hannah, undoubtedly, accepted it. Their engagement, however, fell apart rather quickly. "I was so happy because I thought I was getting this person I could spend life with. He was sweet and sincere and honest, and that's not been the case," Hannah revealed, adding that two days after the proposal, Jed told her about a woman he had been seeing back home before the show.

Although Jed assured her that things had ended between him and the woman, who was later identified as Haley Stevens, before the show, Hannah learned that Jed might not be truthful after Haley came forward with her side of the story back in June. Eventually, Hannah decided to take off her ring and told him that she wasn't sure if she wanted to be with him anymore.

In a live interview, Hannah confirmed to host Chris Harrison that her relationship with Jed was over. Later, Jed joined the two onstage. He revealed that it was the first time he saw Hannah since their last conversation. In additition to apologizing to Hannah, Jed apologized to her family, friends, Bachelor Nation and his own family. He said that he's still in love with Hannah and "always will be."

As for Tyler, he said that he was proud of Hannah and how she handled things so strongly all season long. Hannah then took a bold move by asking Tyler out. "You're an incredible guy and I'm a single girl, so I don't know, I just thought we could go for a drink and maybe hang out!" Hannah told Tyler. To which, Tyler responded, "I'd love to."

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