Becky G Responds to Troll Accusing Her of Dragging 'True Queen' Selena Gomez
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A fan apparently finds her reaction to the lyrics of the former Disney star's (feat. Cardi B and DJ Snake) 'Taki Taki' while she plays Seventeen's Latino legends lyric challenge offensive.

AceShowbiz - Becky G is setting the records straight. The Mexican-American singer hit back at toxic "stan culture" that often pit one star to another after one troll accused her of "dragging" Selena for her verse in "Taki Taki".

Becky was featured in a video which saw him participating in Seventeen's Latino legends lyric challenge. When Selena's hit, which also featured Cardi B and DJ Snake, came on, Becky said, "Oh I know this one. I'll never forget this one because when I heard it, I was a little confused because it says, 'Come in the party, have a fiesta, blow out the candles and have a siesta' but I don't want to have a siesta in the middle of the fiesta."

"Like, I want to party. I wouldn't take a nap you know what I'm saying? But of course I know this one," she added.

A fan apparently found her reaction to the song offensive. "Becky G dragging Selena's verse as if her discography it's not one of the worst of a Latin woman lmao," tweeted the fan.

Becky took notice the tweet and responded with lengthy tweets which read, "I mean honestly, why do people do this? You can love your favorite artists but it doesn't mean you have to go out your way to speak badly about others." She continued, "I'm even more confused about this behavior than I am about the siesta during the fiesta line."

In another tweet, Becky wrote, "WHO DOESNT LOVE A KIND AND PRECIOUS SOUL LIKE SELENA GOMEZ!? You got your facts wrong. I'm a Gomez myself, we don't do that here."

Becky G

Becky G slammed a hater who tried to pit her against Selena Gomez.

She went on explaining, "MAY I ADD THAT THIS VIDEO WAS TAKEN FROM A GAME I PLAYED WHERE I WAS CONFUSED ABOUT MY OWN LYRICS EVEN." She added, "The industry breaks us apart & pits us against each other enough, sad that 'stans' have to do it too. Someone will always have something to say I guess. Ok. I'm done now."

Thankfully, the drama didn't go further. As for Selena, the "I Can't Get Enough" hitmaker is enjoying his vacation to Italy to celebrating her 27th birthday.

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