Blac Chyna Appears to Side With Wendy Williams Amid TV Host's Feud With Her Mom

During an Instagram Live session last week, Tokyo Toni slammed the TV personality for discussing her feud with the former stripper on Wendy's talk show and accused her of using cocaine.

AceShowbiz - Even though Blac Chyna and her mom Tokyo Toni have rebuilt their relationship, it doesn't seem like the former stripper will stand by her mother anytime. As Toni is currently feuding with Wendy Williams, it looks like Chyna is siding with the TV host rather than her mother, judging by her recent Instagram post.

On the social media platform, the former "Rob & Chyna" star posted a picture of her embracing and hugging Williams when they were celebrating the latter's birthday. "Had a blast with [Wendy Williams] and [Madina Milana]," so Chyna wrote in the caption.

Last week, Tokyo lashed out at Wendy and threatened to expose her secrets after the latter discussed the mother-daughter duo's feud on her show. "Let me check Wendy Williams' motherf***ing a** b***h. Wendy, I'mma tell you this. Don't mention my motherf***ing name again, or I'm gonna talk about your s**t," she said during an Instagram Live session.

She continued, "Wendy is gone, that when I see her, I'mma knock her face off. When I see you, b***h, I'm gonna get a charge. I'mma bust your a**." Later on, she accused the 55-year-old of using cocaine and added, "You said I cried? When I walked in, you was sniffing coke. 'Heyyy, ohhh.' Eyes was big. You hugged me because I ain't no sucker."

In related news, Chyna recently gave an update on the current status of her relationship with Toni in an interview with Us Weekly. "We're still building it. Nothing happens overnight," she said. "Everything is like a work in [progress], really." Talking about her mother taking their feud to public, she continued, "I think that any normal person would get, like, frustrated, but at the same time, it's like, she's grown, she can do whatever she wants and that's just that. It's my mom and I love her."

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