Iggy Azalea Makes Light of Cardi B Copycat Accusations
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Having been accused of ripping off Cardi B's 'Money' with 'Sally Walker', the 'Black Widow' rapper points out that both songs are produced by the same person, J. White.

AceShowbiz - Iggy Azalea has hit back at suggestions that her new single "Sally Walker" is a rip-off of Cardi B's tune "Money".

The track is taken from Iggy's sophomore album "In My Defense", which was released last week (end July 21). But after the record dropped, many fans took to social media to question the similarity of the beats in the two songs.

However, Iggy played down the accusations in an interview with Variety on Tuesday, telling the publication it's only because the tunes were both produced by the same producer that they sound slightly alike.

"I didn't think that was much of a controversy because it's produced by the same person," she explained. "I'd understand it being a controversy if it were another guy sounding like that producer, but because they're both J. White beats, it's just his signature sound."

Iggy also hinted she may have been in touch with Cardi over the claims, adding: "Cardi's cool, I'm cool. If the artists are happy and the beat's made by the same guy, everybody's cool."

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