Young Buck Unfazed by 50 Cent's Troll Over His Sexuality

The 'Power' star tries to shame Buck for posing with Lil Nas X, who recently came out as gay, but the former G-Unit member is reportedly not sweating about it.

AceShowbiz - Young Buck is keeping his cool despite a barrage of jabs launched by his former groupmate 50 Cent. Fiddy recently trolled the former G-Unit member over his sexuality by unearthing a throwback photo of Buck with Lil Nas X, who recently came out as gay, but Buck apparently has no intention to hit back.

According to TMZ, "Buck is unfazed by 50 Cent's attempt to diss and troll." The Nashville-born rapper reportedly feels that Fif was "simply trying to drag him over a bogus contract from years ago." The said "bogus contract" likely referred to Buck and Fif's legal spat in February this year when the former's music was taken off iTunes and a cease and desist was sent to his distribution label from G-Unit Records.

Buck responded to Fif's moves at the time by posting on Instagram, "It's come to my knowledge that a cease a desist was sent out from G-Unit Records to a certain distribution label dealing with my music. I think me and the fans wanna know. Am I an artist still on G-Unit Records? Cause if that's the case, don't you think I need to go ahead and complete whatever's on my contract?"

As for the picture he took with Lil Nas X back in June, it was reportedly Buck's way to show his appreciation for the rising star's newfound success. The 38-year-old star supports the "Old Town Road" hitmaker as a person and an artist, and nothing has changed now that he's come out.

Fif used the photo to fuel Buck's gay rumors earlier this week, reposting the picture on his Instagram page and teased a fake collaboration between the two stars featured in the image. "New young Buck (Fresh Out the Barn) ft Little Nas X Coming July 4," he wrote in the caption. He also posted on Twitter, "Buck out the closet, I'm in full support of his decision to embrace his sexuality publicly and I'm looking forward to being paid my Money by Monday."

Fif also alleged back in May that Buck had been in a relationship with a transgender woman for three years. Buck, however, denied it and has maintained that he is straight.

The "Power" star has also been throwing shade at G-Unit crew, claiming that he was behind the group's and the members' success. "In 16 years, every time you saw them together it was my show. Now that's a big bag they f***ed up," he wrote. He added that Buck f***ed up "the whole package."

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