Fans Defend Waka Flocka Flame After He's Blasted for Urging Gay Men Not to Compliment Him

In a Snapchat video, the 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' star tells his gay fans, 'Don't approach me, don't be having too many compliments and all that extra s**t cause it's disrespectful and out of pocket.'

AceShowbiz - Waka Flocka Flame recently faced the wrath of the LGBTQ+ community. People weren't impressed with the rapper after he took to his Snapchat account to post a video of himself urging his gay fans not to approach or compliment him too much because it made him uncomfortable.

Recalling the time when one fan approached him at an airport, he said, "I don't know who buddy was in that airport. I understand y'all folk got y'all month and all that but look, I don't have nothing against nobody's sexual preference... nothing. But look, I ain't with that... so don't approach me, don't be having too many compliments and all that extra s**t cause it's disrespectful and out of pocket."

Many deemed him homophobic, with some pointing out that "a gay man complimenting you isn't disrespectful." Another said, "He need to focus on selling some records Tammy ain't gone be a cast member on lhh forever," while one other noted, "I can't stand his non talented mighty duck looking a**."

However, some of his fans have come to his defense and said that Waka had every rights to demand his gay fans not to compliment him too much. "Straight guys can't have boundries (sic)? F**k that, that's harrassment same s**t, as a dude catcalling a female its f***ing annoying," one said while another commented, "If he doesn't want men complimenting him that's his Gotdamn right! Women tell men they don't want to be bothered all the time and men keep it moving. Get over it!"

"Gays aren't a race of people it's a sex act. If a man give unwanted attention to a woman it's sexual harassment. So wit that said homosexuals are sexually harassing men with no repercussions," one other noted. Someone else, on the other hand, didn't understand why the "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star got backlash because of that as saying, "How do you get backlash from stating something that bothers you personally lol man wtf is going on... society is heading in a bad direction to be honest."

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