Celine Dion Narrowly Avoids a Tumble in Her Raunchy Mesh Dress in Paris

The 'My Heart Will Go On' singer almost trips in her ombre-colored dress as her heel gets caught on the bottom of her dress while she tries to make a speedy exit from Iris Van Herpen fashion show during Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week.

AceShowbiz - Celine Dion risked a wardrobe malfunction and a nasty fall for the sake of fashion. The 51-year-old singing diva rocked one of her wildest looks during Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week on Monday, July 1 as she stepped out in a revealing mesh dress from designer Iris van Herpen.

The Canadian pop star left little to the imagination as the ombre-colored dress showed a lot of her skin. She tried to keep her modesty by wearing a very low-cut black romper underneath the raunchy long dress.

But the "I'm Your Angel" songstress almost took a tumble when she made a way from Iris Van Herpen fashion show. As she was rushing to her car to avoid a crowd, her heel got caught in the netting on the bottom part of her mesh dress. Luckily, a man gave her a hand and walked her safely to the vehicle, avoiding the nasty disaster.

Celine Dion Narrowly Avoids a Tumble in Her Raunchy Mesh Dress During Paris Fashion Week

Celine Dion's heel gets caught in her mesh dress in Paris.

Celine completed her look with a pink makeup to match her dress' wavy red strands, while her long blonde locks were swept back and let loose. She wore minimum accessories and sported red nail colors.

Celine and her high-fashion looks have caught attention since she arrived in Paris to attend various fashion shows as part of Paris Fashion Week. Never afraid to take risks in her ever-changing styles, she has been a regular guest at various annual fashion show by world-renowned designers.

The Canadian star is set to perform at the British Summertime Festival in July. Appearing on "This Morning" on Thursday, June 27, she talked about her perfect look onstage. "I sweat on stage, I think that is very important to keep brushes clean. Sometimes I wish I could sweat so much so people can see how hard I work!" she admitted. She cheekily added, "You see Tina Turner sweating and Mariah [Carey] with a handkerchief and I think, I wanna sweat, I'm working hard too you know! I wanna sweat!"

She went on sharing, "On stage, I don't use water base makeup, I use oil based makeup. Because sometimes things may get emotional and I might cry. Water based, if I cry, it's gonna streak but oil based it stays in place, so I can wipe it off."

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