Dean McDermott Talks About Giving Oral Sex to Male Friend When He's Young

That is not the only sexual experience that he shares in the episode of his podcast 'Daddy Issues' as the 52-year-old reveals that one of his sons once caught him having sex with wife Tori Spelling.

AceShowbiz - Dean McDermott is dropping some shocking bombshells on his "Daddy Issues" podcast on Monday, June 24. The husband of Tori Spelling confessed that he had a rather adventurous moment when he was 10.

During the episode of the podcast, Dean revealed that he once performed oral sex on his male friend at the age of 10. "We both blew our friend when we were younger," the 52-year-old began on his podcast when introducing guest Jay Mohr. "I found this out after seeing Jay's set at The Dime."

The comedian told Dean that he was 10 years old at the time, to which Dean responded that he was also the same age when he had "an encounter with [his] best friend." Dean explained that the mutual sexual experience was the “in” he needed to approach Mohr after his set.

That was not the only sexual experience that he shared in the episode. He said that one of his sons once caught him having sex with wife Tori. "When T and I first got together, I had Jack every other weekend," the former "Chopped Canada" host said. "He couldn't sleep one night and -- we were making a lot of noise -- and … I just happened to be looking that way towards the door. I saw the doorknob turn."

The 52-year-old went on saying, "I didn't hear it, I saw it turn, and I was like, 'Oh, s**t,' And then a crack of light. I jumped off and sat on the edge of the bed. He said, 'Dad is everything okay?' and I said, 'Yeah, I just got a migraine.' "

However, that didn't stop him from having sex with Tori all the time. "We go every day. It never stops," he shared. Gushing about how he thought the "90210" actress was "so hot," he said, "She's sexy as hell. I look at her, and she just oozes sexuality."

Jack, now 20, is Dean's son whom he shares with ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace. Meanwhile, Tori and Dean share Liam (12), Stella (11), Hattie (7), Finn (6) and Beau (2).

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