'KUWTK': Khloe Kardashian Says Jordyn Woods 'Never Once Said I'm Sorry' to Her

'It's hard to believe that Jordyn was involved in this. I'm so disappointed in Tristan and I feel heartbroken for Khloe,' Kris Jenner weighs in on the matter in the new episode.

AceShowbiz - The Sunday, June 23 episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" offered the insights into Khloe Kardashian's reaction when she found out about Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods's cheating scandal. In the episode, Khloe explained that she knew something was up when her baby daddy "never came home" after the after-party they threw at an AirBnb with his friends.

Kim Kardashian was the first one among the Kardashians who knew about the scandal after friend Larsa Pippen called her. "Jordyn was at Tristan's house til 7 A.M.," Kim said. "Why the f**k are you there until 7 a.m.!?"

Khloe then got Jordyn on the phone and confronted her, though the latter was being very vague about the night. The ex-best friend of Kylie Jenner claimed she "couldn't remember" if she and Tristan kissed or not. It prompted Khloe to yell, "I need the whole f***ing truth!"

The Good American Jeans founder added that it was odd that Jordyn didn't text her when she ran into Tristan at the party, cause she always did in the past. "Every single time in the past, if Jordyn ever saw Tristan out, she'd text me," Khloe explained. "Jordyn said, 'I was your watchdog last night,' and she was there to protect me and that's why she stayed as late as she did."

The sisters were definitely pissed with how things unfolded. "I think at first, no one even believed it was real," Kim shared. "They were super confused and that was it. We were kind of just watching it all unfold. Jordyn was someone Khloe really trusted and believed in and supported and employed. This is just so crazy."

"[Jordyn] is the LAST person on the planet I would've thought would've done this," Kendall Jenner added. "Even if he kissed her and she was taken off guard…she [needs to] call Khloe and explain exactly what happened."

After Jordyn confirmed to Khloe that she did make out with Tristan at the party, Khloe and Kylie were understandably livid. "She was like, 'I can't believe this is happening I'm so confused,' and I'm like…YOU'RE confused?!?!" Kylie said about her conversation with Jordyn.

Mom Kris Jenner also weighed in on the matter, saying in a confessional, "Kylie and Jordyn have been best friends since they were in middle school and they live together at Kylie's house. They are as close as you can get. I’ve always felt like she was another daughter."

"It's really tough when you go through a major betrayal. It's hard to believe that Jordyn was involved in this. I'm so disappointed in Tristan and I feel heartbroken for Khloe. She really wanted this relationship with Tristan to work," she continued.

After talking to Tristan, who later confirmed that he and Jordyn were indeed at his home until 7 A.M., Khloe finally learned about what actually happened that day. "Everyone left and Jordyn still stayed. She was sitting on his lap. They were all over each other. They were handsy. they made out. It’s disgusting," she revealed.

"I'll never understand the depths of this. I was just hoping for a better outcome for my daughter and myself," she added. Khloe further said that she sent a friend to go to check on Tristan after he threatened her to "kill himself" when she didn't respond to his text.

Of the whole situation, Khloe lamented, "Jordyn didn't think about me, she didn't think about Kylie -- because this puts a divide between her and Kylie -- she didn't think about my daughter, she didn't think about herself." She continued, "I'm not talking to him. They're both at fault. I'm not blaming just Jordyn. Tristan…we all know what he's capable of. Look what he did when I was nine months pregnant. I knew who he was. I never in a million years thought that's who she was."

At one point in the episode, Khloe accused Jordyn of "downplaying" the scandal. "Now she's like…it wasn't a big deal, it wasn't intimate, it wasn't sexual. It wasn't at all what she said on the phone to me," she said, before adding, "Now she's downplaying it. I'm not saying things can't happen -- I'm the most understanding, calm person ever. But Jordyn has never once said I'm sorry."

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