Video: Young Buck Is Confronted by 50 Cent Fan Over Alleged Trans Lover, Fofty Trolls Him

In the video, the former G-Unit member is seen politely asking the man behind the camera to stop filming him, but the latter refuses and continues asking questions.

AceShowbiz - Young Buck was just trying to grocery shop in peace when he encountered a male fan of 50 Cent who confronted him about his beef with the "In Da Club" hitmaker. In addition to that, the said fan also asked him about his alleged transgender lover while filming the moment.

DJ Akademiks obtained a video of the incident and shared it to his Instagram followers. In the clip, the man behind the camera could be heard asking, "What's up with you and 50. He said you f***in' with trannies, is that true? Hold on, we about to scrap, is that true?" Buck politely told the man to stop filming but, the latter refused to do so and continued recording.

The video ended with Buck saying off the camera, "I got something in the car," to which the man answered, "Yeah, I got something in the car, too. I got something in the car, too."

Fofty took notice of the video and re-posted it on his own social media account, trolling his former G-Unit groupmate, "Hahahahaha Buck." Reminding Buck that he still owes him money, the "Power" producer added, "Need to hurry up with that money now, it's already the middle of the week I like mine on Monday."

Fofty and Buck have been beefing for a long time. It started when the former kicked Buck out of G-Unit back in 2008, prompting the two to go back and forth with a number of diss tracks. It flared up again when the "Candy" rapper claimed that Buck was dating a transgender woman. Now, Fofty has demanded that Buck pay the money he allegedly owes.

Trolling Buck until he gets his money back, Fofty launched a GoFundMe campaign to help him raise the funds by his deadline. "Help Young Buck get away from Fofty," he said on Instagram, along with a screenshot of the campaign page. "Just make a donation and set your favorite rapper free. Fofty wants his f***ing money."

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