Tiffany Haddish Puts Off Atlanta Show to Stand Against Anti-Abortion Law
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In a statement about the postponement of her upcoming stand-up gig, the 'Girls Trip' star explains that she could not perform 'in good faith' until Georgia withdraws Measure HB 481.

AceShowbiz - Tiffany Haddish has postponed an upcoming comedy show in Atlanta, Georgia to take a stand against the state's controversial anti-abortion law.

Last month, legislators voted to pass the restrictive HB 481, known as the "heartbeat bill," which will ban terminations as early as six weeks into pregnancy, before many women even know they are pregnant.

Stars like Spike Lee, Alec Baldwin, Jason Bateman, Amy Schumer, Ben Stiller, and John Legend have already joined calls for Hollywood studio officials to boycott the state, which has become a big production hub in recent years thanks to generous tax incentives, and on Saturday, June 15, Haddish added her voice to the protest as she pulled plans to perform at Atlanta's Fox Theatre on June 22.

"After much deliberation, I am postponing my upcoming show in Atlanta," the "Girls Trip" star wrote in a statement for The Hollywood Reporter.

"I love the state of Georgia, but I need to stand with women and until they withdraw Measure HB 481, I cannot in good faith perform there."

The bill will become law in January (2020), if legal challenges fail to halt the legislation.

Georgia isn't the only state to adopt strict new anti-abortion laws - politicians in Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio, Utah, and Arkansas have also backed similar proposals in recent months.

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