Mindy Kaling Opens Up About Stressful Night Prior to Met Gala Due to Social Anxiety
Glamour Magazine

'People may be surprised to hear this, but I think I do have a little social anxiety,' the 'Ocean's 8' actress gets candid while explaining her night before the big event.

AceShowbiz - Mindy Kaling's anxiety struggles led to a stressful evening at the star-studded Met Gala last month.

The writer and actress stunned in a gold gown and white wig for the annual fashion Oscars, but inside she felt she didn't belong as she chatted with the superfamous and dignitaries.

"People may be surprised to hear this, but I think I do have a little social anxiety," she tells Glamour magazine. "Going to parties where I don't know most of the people is stressful to me. I've always had (just) four friends.

"I love the Met Gala, but the no-plus-one thing has always been a real stressor for me."

Thankfully, the "Ocean's 8" star was able to enjoy the the sights of the Metropolitan Museum of Art: "Luckily (Vogue editor-in-chief) Anna Wintour made it so that you're going to a literal museum, where there's so much to take in. If we weren't going to a museum and just to an event space, I would need to take a Valium or something before I go, because it's so stressful to me," Mindy adds.

To make matters worse, she was seated next to someone who didn't know who she was, telling chat show host Ellen DeGeneres he thought she was Harry Styles' publicist.

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