Find Out the 'Important Life Lessons' That Reba McEntire Gets From Cher
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During an interview, the veteran country singer discloses that she learned a lot of things after watching 'The Cher Show', which chronicles the 73-year-old singer's life, in New York City.

AceShowbiz - Country superstar Reba McEntire learned an important life lesson from fellow singer Cher after checking out her new Broadway musical.

The "Believe" hitmaker's life story is chronicled in "The Cher Show", and after attending a performance in New York City, Reba recorded a message to the pop legend, thanking her for teaching the 64-year-old what she could do to "improve my life and my career" via the production.

"I learned that people who are so driven in this industry sacrifice a lot," Reba told Billboard. "We forget to include the fun times."

"I think I took things way too seriously, as Cher did. Sometimes we get into that survival mode where we do things that we might not have done if we weren't having to survive."

Having taken the lesson to heart, the "Fancy" hitmaker wants to spread the word to the younger artists in the industry.

She added, "I will be telling more of the younger generation, 'Have fun while you're doing this. Remember every detail. Stop and smell the roses today. Don't be so concerned about what you're going to do tomorrow'."

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