Zara Larsson Reflects on Social Media Impact on Mental Health

When discussing the pressure to increase her social media following, the 'Ruin My Life' hitmaker finds it 'strange' that people nowadays are seeking validation from strangers.

AceShowbiz - Zara Larsson worries fame has heightened the impact social media has on her mental health.

The "Ruin My Life" hitmaker, who has 5.7 million followers on Instagram, admitted in an interview with Grazia magazine that she still feels pressured to increase her social media following because she's constantly in the public eye.

"Everything is relative," the 21-year-old shared. "It's like 'Oh, I only got a thousand comments' or 'Oh, I only got like five hundred thousand likes'. It's like that's a lot of people! But still, in my world, you get blind to that."

The musician went on to reflect on the impact of social media on society as a whole, and confessed its "strange" that people have become so preoccupied with the opinions of others.

"I think it's really damaging in the long run how we view ourselves and how we see ourselves, especially seeking (validation) from strangers - like, why?" the star questioned. "It's strange. I think everyone goes through it."

The "Never Forget You" singer insisted, however, that she still manages to keep parts of her life private, adding: "I have a private life. But can you imagine not having a private life? I can't. It's probably really hard. And I think everyone should talk to someone."

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