This is the second music video for the tribute song, with the first one featuring the singer treating 83-year-old Richard to a helicopter ride and a racing track experience among other things.

AceShowbiz - Louis Tomlinson has another music video for "Two of Us". Compared to the first visuals, the second music video features the British singer showing more of his vulnerable side as he pays tribute to his late mother, Johanna Deakin, who died of leukemia in 2016.

The black-and-white video starts out with 27-year-old Louis sitting at a grand piano in a white collared polo as he belts out the emotional track. At one point, the One Direction member is joined by his band in a vast, warehouse space as he delivers the soaring chorus before once again returning to the piano on his own. "We'll end just like we started/ Just you and me and no one else," he sings, locking eyes with the camera. "I will hold you where my heart is/ One life for the two of us."

The first music video for "Two of Us" was released in late last month, featuring Louis treating 83-year-old Richard to a helicopter ride, a racing track experience and a roller coaster thrill ride after learning he had lost wife to Alzheimer's.

"A month or so ago I met an amazing man called Richard. He had a few things he wanted to do so I thought I'd help him out. This video feels particularly relevant and powerful to me," he said in a statement accompanying the first music video. "Richard is a classic example of a fearless man who in light of tragedy still pushes himself to live with as much as laughter and happiness as possible. I hope you enjoy watching this video as much as I did making it. Loads of love, Louis."

Louis unveiled "Two of Us" on March 7. Shortly after the release of the song, his sister Felicite tragically died at age 18. The cause of death was suspected to be a heart attack.

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