Video Shows Blac Chyna Allegedly Throwing Shoes at Hairdresser During Wild Fight

The Lashed Bar owner appears to retaliate by hurling her shoes at her hairdresser after the latter threw soda cans at her Rolls-Royce outside Chyna's San Fernando Valley home.

AceShowbiz - Blac Chyna's wild fight with her hairdresser was caught on a video, which has now circulated online. Released via TMZ, the footage obtained from surveillance camera first shows someone, who is claimed to be Chyna's hairdresser, throwing something at Chyna's car with all her might.

The apparently angry woman reportedly used soda cans to vandalize the former stripper's Rolls-Royce which was parked outside her San Fernando Valley home. She did it multiple times before a man and another woman, who is believed to be Chyna, approached her seemingly to confront her.

When she got close enough, Chyna appeared to take off her shoes and throw them at her hairstylist. She was then seen casually walking back, possibly into her house, while several other people were still arguing with the hairstylist.

The footage seems to confirm Chyna's claim that the hairdresser hurled soda cans at her car. As for the allegation that the former reality TV star threatened the hairdresser with a knife, the video doesn't show it.

The evidence happened early on Saturday morning, May 11 when the hairdresser came to Chyna's house to ask Chyna for the money she supposedly owed her. The hairdresser claimed that Chyna threatened her with a knife when her son, King Cairo, was present.

Chyna has reportedly been named a suspect on an assault with a deadly weapon. LAPD officer Jeff Lee wouldn't confirm that Chyna is at the center of the police report, but he confirmed that the incident is currently under investigation.

The former girlfriend of Rob Kardashian seemed to deny the allegation as she posted on Instagram Sunday night to thank her followers for the birthday wishes, "Although the negativity is trying to do everything in his power to remove my joy, I'm happy and surrounded by so much love that I don't even have time to indulge in the hate and false allegations."

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