Fans Are Mad After ESPN Anchor Spoils Penultimate Episode of 'Game of Thrones' Season 8
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Fans who tuned into ESPN's SportsCenter for highlights of the riveting NBA playoffs Game 7 were forced to learn of the fifth episode's storyline when it hadn't aired on the west coast.

AceShowbiz - Spoiler is one of the many things that fans of "Game of Thrones" are sensitive about, especially when the HBO show's season finale is fast approaching. As the penultimate episode of season 8 aired on Sunday, May 12, some watched it right away while others might decide to wait a bit later.

Unfortunately, those who tuned into ESPN's SportsCenter for highlights of the riveting NBA playoffs Game 7 between the Toronto Raptors and the Philadelphia 76ers were forced to learn of the episode's storyline. ESPN's SportsCenter anchor Michael Eaves dropped a major spoiler of the episode, much to fans' dismay.

The anchor revealed that some major characters met their demises before the fifth episode of the 6-part final season of the hit fantasy series aired on the west coast.

"When feeding my daughter her bedtime bottle watching @SportsCenter and @michaeleaves spoils @GameOfThrones before I'm able to start it... come on man!!! At least wait a day," one livid fan wrote on Twitter. "Hey @espn - it’s 8pm PST and @GameOfThrones @HBO has not aired yet on the West Coast... Good thing one of your broadcasters on sportscenter just dropped a major #spoiler. Thanks for ruining the second to last #GOT episode!" another fan added.

"My man is HEATED. How do you guys feel abt this? I understand opening Twitter and getting spoiled.That's on you. But you are watching sportscenter. Probably one of the few places you can catch highlights without social media spoilers.U thinking you're safe and BAM," another Twitter rant read.

"@espn @SportsCenter @michaeleaves 8pm west coast, and you chose to drop a major Game of Thrones spoiler. Why? Just brutal. Really inexcusable," said another angry fan. "Two brother-in-laws TWO, and a Sportscenter anchor spewing out Game of Thrones Spoilers less than 2 hours after it aired. The level of attention people use this shoe to achieve is obnoxious," one other raged.

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