Bun B Recalls Being Half Naked When Shooting at Armed Home Intruder

In a candid interview on New York radio show 'The Breakfast Club', the 'Trillionaire' rapper and wife Queenie share details about the scary incident that took place at their Houston home on April 23.

AceShowbiz - Rap veteran Bun B was pantless when he shot a masked intruder at his Texas home last week.

The UGK legend, real name Bernard Freeman, reveals he was actually in the bathroom on 23 April when he heard a commotion downstairs, as a man showed up at his Houston-area family property and demanded valuables at gunpoint.

His wife, Queenie, had already offered up the keys to her Audi as Bun B raced downstairs with his gun and fired off a shot at the intruder as he climbed into the stolen car.

The suspect, who ran away and left his firearm behind, was subsequently arrested after checking himself into a nearby hospital, seeking treatment for a gunshot wound to his shoulder.

Now Bun B and Queenie have opened up about the scare in a candid interview on New York radio show "The Breakfast Club", with the 46-year-old rapper admitting he let it all hang out as he chased down the criminal.

"I'm in the bathroom, to be honest," he recalled. "I'm on the toilet and so I hear what's going on and I'm like, 'This is it! This is the moment I always talk about. Somebody's in my house right now, threatening my wife.' So I hop off the toilet, I run and go get the pistol."

It was only after the man had abandoned the Audi and run away that Bun B, who was within his legal right to defend his property, headed back into the house to put on a pair of shorts so he could continue pursuing the guy.

"I'm outside shooting... outside with the gun with (no underwear on)...," he laughed. "That's why I said I was Winnie the Pooh with the pistol! That's all (Queenie) kept saying was, 'You really let your n**s hang!' "

The intruder is now facing two counts of aggravated robbery with a weapon and one count of burglary.

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