T-Pain Snaps at Troll Blaming Him for Brother's Death: 'Money Don't Fix Everything'
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A little over two months after losing his brother, the 'I'm Sprung' hitmaker makes use of Instagram Live to reveal the tragic details about his passing, stressing that there was little doctors could do.

AceShowbiz - Hip-hop star T-Pain has lashed out at a social media troll for making a crude comment about his brother's recent death.

The "I'm Sprung" hitmaker recently felt the need to address the detractor and reveal he had lost his sibling in early February, just weeks after the musician queried the $1.4 million (£1.1 million) bill he had received for his brother's previous hospital treatment in 2018.

His relative was released from medical care after two months, but he has since passed away, and one follower apparently decided to blame the star for the tragedy, suggesting he would still be alive if the rapper/singer had paid more for better treatment.

Infuriated by the claim, he went on Instagram Live and took the troll to task, explaining he actually ended up paying much more to get his sibling the professional care he required.

"My brother just died February 5th," T-Pain said. "And this man just told me I let my brother die because of the hospital bill after I paid $2.2. million to the hospital. And he told me if I would've have paid more money then my brother would still be alive."

"Money don't fix everything. You're putting too much power in money. Why would you think that's possible? N***a don't even know how my brother died."

T-Pain went on to share the tragic details about his brother's passing, admitting there was little doctors could do.

"He got out the hospital and was living his life," the 33-year-old continued. "He... was walking on his walker at my mama's house, he slipped up, his leg gave out and he hit his head on the f**king kitchen counter, and his brain started bleeding, and he went brain dead, and then he died."

"How can money fix that? If money could fix that, all my family members would be alive."

T-Pain, real name Faheem Rasheed Najm, did not name his brother or provide any other information about his previous ailment.

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