Lil Xan Has Doubt About Girlfriend Annie Smith's Pregnancy as Their Relationship Is in 'Limbo'

Addressing speculation that his girlfriend faked her pregnancy and miscarriage, the 'Betrayed' rapper admits, 'There's definitely things that are questionable.'

AceShowbiz - Lil Xan isn't sure that his girlfriend Annie Smith was ever pregnant. Addressing speculation that she faked her pregnancy and miscarriage, the 22-year-old rapper admits that he himself questions the truth about whether they were ever expecting their first child.

"I did not fake a pregnancy," he said in a Tuesday, April 23 interview with No Jumper. "I saw two pregnancy tests with the line that said, 'You're pregnant,' and I was like, 'OK, so she's definitely pregnant.' But I didn't watch her pee."

After doing some research, he found out that it's "pretty easy" to fake pregnancy tests, so now he's "50/50" on if he believes Smith. "There's definitely things that are questionable," he added, but said that he saw signs of pregnancy. "I did really start seeing a belly and s**t."

Detailing what caused his suspicion, the "Betrayed" hitmaker shared, "I hope, like, we're supposed to be getting some documentation from Kaiser Permanente, a hospital, but I was like I need the paperwork of the miscarriage that you had. And then because I sent her - this is another suspicious thing - I was like, 'Go down to the hospital because it's on our street and get the paperwork that - same hospital she went to - get the paperwork saying you had a miscarriage,' but she came back saying, 'Oh I have to do this process and s**t.' "

"So I was like, it really gets you thinking, you know what I mean? I want to give her the benefit of the doubt," he added. Xan said the situation "pisses me off," because he doesn't know the truth either. "... if I'm right ... people are like, 'Lil Xan faked his pregnancy.' When I literally was just like with everyone else here, thinking that I had a baby on the way."

Xan went on admitting that his relationship with Smith is "in limbo." "Don't get me wrong, I love Annie to death, but like it's complicated as f**k right now," he claimed. He also said that while his relationship with Smith is strained, he's "holding back" in his interactions with other women, which is contrary to his typical behavior.

Xan confessed he often sleeps with other women, but won't tolerate his girlfriend doing the same. "It's the biggest double standard," he acknowledged. As to how having a baby would change him, he said, "This is going to calm me down from f**kin' b***hes... and living a crazy lifestyle."

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