Van Jones Has the Best Clap Back When Wendy Williams Brings Up His Messy Divorce On-Air

Wendy looks obviously taken aback by the CNN political contributor's sudden clapback as she quickly reminds her guest who's the boss on the show during the friendly banter.

AceShowbiz - Van Jones stopped by "The Wendy Williams Show" on Tuesday, April 23 when things got too personal for the former. While the host might be okay to address her divorce on TV show, it seemed like it wasn't the case for the political commentator who is currently in the middle of the divorce process from Jana Carter.

Wendy and Van got into an on-air spat when the former decided to talk about his ongoing divorce during the episode. "Van and his wife... they are getting a divorce," Wendy told his audience. "The divorce is not finalized. You still wear your ring."

Before Wendy could continue, the CNN personality hit back, "You got something on your hand, too, so I ain't talking about that." The 50-year-old went on quipping, "I'm just saying. I'm just saying."

Van was referring to a large floral ring that Wendy frequently wears on her ring finger. She didn't wear her wedding band at the moment.

Wendy looked obviously taken aback by Van's sudden clapback as she quickly reminded her guest who's the boss on the show during the friendly banter. "Excuse me," she said. "This side of the couch is for the asking of the questions."

Pointing over to him, Wendy added, "That side is for giving up the information." Eventually, the CNN political contributor gave a diplomatic response about his marital status by saying that Jana was "my best friend 20 years ago and she's my best friend today."

Wendy didn't stop though, as she continued to dig the dirt by asking the attorney if he would continue to wear his wedding ring while dating. Responding to the question, Van said, "You getting personal man. First of all, I got no dating life... I'm good. I'm just trying to save the world."

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