Ronda Rousey May Retire From WWE After Giving Birth: 'You'll Never See Me Again'
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Sharing an update on her baby plan in a YouTube video, the wrestler and actress stresses that she won't make 'any promises about the future when I don't know how I'm gonna feel in the future.'

AceShowbiz - Ronda Rousey is currently taking a hiatus from WWE to focus on starting a family with husband Travis Browne, but it looks like her hiatus may go on forever. Sharing an update on her baby plan through a YouTube video that was posted on Monday, April 22, the wrestler and actress admitted she had no idea whether she would continue wrestling after giving birth.

Reiterating that she wanted to "have a baby first" before planning her WWE future, Ronda said, "I don't what it's like to have a baby. I could look down at this beautiful child and be like, 'F**k everything, I don't care about anything else other than this baby.' And you'll never see me again..." She went on saying that she could also follow her mom, who "trained while she was eight months pregnant and then won the U.S. Open six weeks after giving birth, which was unbelievable."

"I don't think I'm going to try and aspire to her level," the "Furious 7" star added. "But I'm just saying, you never know. I don't want to make any promises about the future when I don't know how I'm gonna feel in the future."

Ronda announced that she would be taking an "impregnation vacation" from the WWE earlier this month, just two days after she posted footage of herself getting X-rays on her injured right hand. The injury came after the former UFC star was pinned down by Becky Lynch in a fight for both the Raw and SmackDown Women's Championships.

First rising to fame as a judo star who appeared in the 2004 Athens Olympics at 17 years old, Ronda initially planned to wrestle for WWE for a few months before starting a family. However, she ended up staying at the company for an entire year. Her contract runs through April 2021.

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