Roseanne Barr Comes Out as Queer in Now-Deleted YouTube Rant

The 66-year-old former 'Roseanne' star also slams the derogatory word 'f*g' in the minute-long post, calling it 'a really hateful word' and urging people to 'get rid of it being spoken.'

AceShowbiz - Roseanne Barr is getting personal in one of her YouTube videos. In the Sunday, April 21 video, which has since been deleted, the former "Roseanne" actress came out as queer and slammed the derogatory word "f*g."

"Let me just be real. I put the Q in LGBTQ," Barr said in the video. "Because I am queer as two motherf***ers."

"I'm queer. I'm alien, I don't belong here with all these people. They make no sense," she continued saying. "They are very queer and that makes me a queer I guess. I did put the Q in it. Bye."

Prior to coming out, the 66-year-old actress criticized the word "f*g" in the minute-long post, calling it "a really hateful word." She added, "Especially when it's like one gay calling another gay guy that. Whoo! Have you ever been in the middle of one of them hate marriages? Whoof!"

"It's like, 'Wait a minute. We're not supposed to say that word. How come you're saying that word? What? Okay, I just can't say the word. Well, I can when I'm in the house, but I can't say it outside of the house. Okay, I get your rules.' Get rid of it being spoken," she ranted.

USA Today reports that Barr uploaded 10 different videos to her YouTube channel on Sunday. However, all videos have been deleted. In another now-deleted video, Barr reportedly questioned why "f*g" was such a deragatory term. "I want to talk about that word that shames gay kids. I really want to turn that word around," she said. "Who's using it and why?"

Barr was caught in controversy, which cost her a gig on ABC's "Roseanne" remake, with her words after she made a racist comment about former President Barack Obama's senior advisor Valerie Jarrett. She wrote on Twitter, "Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj."

She later apologized, saying, "@ValerieJarrett i don't know if u saw it, but I wanted2 apologize to u 4 hurting and upsetting u with an insensitive & tasteless tweet. I am truly sorry-my whole life has been about fighting racism. I made a terrible mistake wh caused hundreds of ppl 2 lose their jobs. so sorry!"

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