Cheating on Tiny Again? Eagle-Eyed Fan Catches T.I. Facetiming Alleged Side Chick
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The woman whom the rapper is allegedly Facetiming with bears a striking resemblace to 'Greenleaf' star Asia'h Epperson, who is rumored to be his former side chick.

AceShowbiz - Does T.I. make the same mistake? The rapper and his wife Tiny (Tameka Cottle) recovered their marriage not too long ago, but a new report suggests that T.I. may be cheating on the Xscape singer again after he was caught Facetiming with a woman.

The speculation sparked after one of T.I. pals decided to share a selfie he took with the rapper while they were on a plane on Wednesday, April 10 to attend Nipsey Hussle's funeral in Los Angeles. The man, who was said to be T.I., didn't look at the camera as he focused his attention on his phone.

Some eagle-eyed fans then noted that T.I. was having a Facetime session with a woman, who didn't seem to be his wife. Tiny currently has her hair in red, and the woman he's allegedly Facetiming doesn't.

If anything, the woman bore a striking resemblace to "Greenleaf" star Asia'h Epperson, who was rumored to be his former side chick. "out here caping for lauren but dont give a fuck about tiny and yall take this n***a serious?" a fan slammed T.I. for his alleged infidelity.

However, some fans on the comment section gave T.I. the benefit of doubt. "That looks like his daughter tho. Even if not, that could be anybody. Someone he may so business with etc. it doesn't mean he's having an affair with her. Come on now," one fan said.

"Y'all act like he can't Facetime people. Well if that's suppose to be his friend why he taking pics and putting him in blast anyway! Why take a pic of T.I anyway that's a legend!" another defensive fan added. Before concluding his/her comment, the fan promoted T.I. and Tiny's upcoming VH1 show titled "Friends and Family Hustle" which will arrive on April 15.


T.I.'s alleged former side chick

It remains to be seen whether or not the guy was indeed T.I. or whether he did Facetime his former side chick. The rapper has yet to respond on the rumor.

The self-proclaimed King of the South and Tiny were on the edge of splitting after Tiny filed for divorce back in April 2017 amid rumors of irreconcilable differences, trust issues and speculation of infidelity. The two, however, got back together and tossed the divorce papers. The couple looked happy than ever as they are said to be focusing on taking care their four children.

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