Ray J's Wife Gives Dog's Kidnapper Deadline to Collect $20K Reward

'We have you and your car on security camera taking our dog,' warns Princess Love on social media after her attempt to offer generous reward in exchange of Boogotti's return fell on deaf ears.

AceShowbiz - Singer and TV star Ray J has offered a $20,000 (£15,300) reward for the return of his "kidnapped" dog Boogotti.

Ray's wife Princess Love took to Instagram last week, end April 07, to tell fans that the couple's three-year-old Maltese had gone missing, writing: "Hey everybody! I'm out of town and my dog BOOGOTTI is missing! If you're in Woodland Hills, CA and found my dog, seen him or have any info PLEASE DM (direct message) me! Please REPOST."

However, speaking to TMZ on Thursday, Ray insisted there's more to the story than the canine simply going missing.

"I got some new information on my dog," he told the website. "My dog was lost, but now somebody has taken my dog and put him in a car and drove off... My dog went from being lost, to being stolen to kidnapped - or whatever you call it."

He also claimed that Boogotti was taken by a "white" man aged "19 or 20" driving a black Dodge Charger. After his pleas for the man to return the dog weren't answered and Princess' announcement of the generous reward had a similarly unsuccessful response, she took a sterner approach, sharing a post on Instagram which read: "We have you and your car on security camera taking our dog. You have 3 days to come forward and collect the $20,000 REWARD... after that we will take action. WITH POLICE AND BLOODHOUNDS."

Princess captioned the post: "Either collect the money or go to JAIL. I will track down every Black Charger in the city of LA until I find you. So let's do this peacefully or you will regret it."

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