Olivia Munn Hits Back at 'F***ing Idiot' Troll Over Scientific Discovery: Put Him in the Black Hole

After the 'X-Men: Apocalypse' star heaps praises for the person who helps produce the first ever image of a black hole, one Instagram user slams her by sarcastically asking, 'Is everything gender or race related.'

AceShowbiz - Olivia Munn just wanted to share words of praise to the person who helped produce the first ever photograph of a black hole, only to find herself getting criticized by her haters. The 38-year-old actress has been accused of making the discovery all about "gender and race," and she naturally defended herself for that.

It all started when she posted on Instagram a picture of Katie Bouman, an MIT grad student who helped create the algorithm for the image, along with gushing caption which read, "We got the first-ever image of a black hole because of an amazing team led by MIT grad student Katie Bouman, who helped create the algorithm that made the image possible."

"The algorithm stitches together a network of eight linked telescopes that form the Event Horizon Telescope," she continued. "Congratulations and THANK YOU Katie! You're an inspiration to so many people."

Soon after Olivia posted the picture, one person took the comment section and sarcastically asked her, "Is everything gender or race related." Baffled by the question, the "X-Men: Apocalypse" star hit back, "Wow. I didn't say anything about her race or gender. But clearly that's all you see. I'm gonna take a wild guess that you're a f***ing idiot. Am I right?"

Another person then tried to defend the troll, "He's saying she wouldn't have said anything if a man had done this. It would have just been another day of science." Olivia clearly was still not having it as she clapped back at the defender, "You have no way of saying what I would do. Like right now I'm going to tell you to go f**k yourself. Bet you didn't predict that."

Her other followers praised "The Predator" star for standing up for herself, with one person jokingly wondered whether the troll should stay in the black hole. Olivia was down with the idea as she answered, "Yup. Put him in the black hole. Answering for a friend."

The first image of black hole was released on Wednesday, April 10 as a result of an international scientific collaboration called the Event Horizon Telescope project. They established a network of eight telescopes across the world, which then scanned the black hole over a period of ten days.

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