Jackie Chan Pours Cold Water on Possibility of 'Rush Hour 4'

In a statement released on behalf of the 'Bleeding Steel' actor, JC Group clarifies that false information regarding casting, crew and auditions has been spread by infringing parties.

AceShowbiz - Jackie Chan has denied a fourth "Rush Hour" film is set for production in a statement issued by his company.

His co-star Chris Tucker sparked rumours the pair were ready to begin shooting another instalment in the action comedy franchise on Sunday, April 07, by posting a picture of himself and Jackie holding up four fingers on Instagram.

According to the Hong Kong film star's JC Group's statement, email and social media accounts belonging to the film producer Esmond Ren were hacked and used to "release false information" about the "Rush Hour" franchise and a potential "The Karate Kid" sequel.

The disavowal, which was posted on the 65-year-old star's website, stated that false information regarding casting, crew, and auditions for the two films was released from the producer's accounts, indicating both movies might begin filming soon.

"On behalf of Mr Chan we hereby declare that any and all such information, as spread by such infringers, relating to Mr Chan providing or about to provide acting services in the motion pictures 'Rush Hour 4' or 'The Karate Kid 2' is false," the denial read.

In addition to appearing in 1998's "Rush Hour" and two follow-up movies, Jackie joined a young Jaden Smith in a reboot of the original 1980s "The Karate Kid" franchise in 2010. Unlike the original, the movie never spawned a sequel.

Esmond is currently working with the 65-year-old on an action thriller, "Project X-Traction (Project X (2019))", set for release later this year.

However, talk that a fourth "Rush Hour" film could be imminent has been teased by both its stars, as in January Chris said work was ongoing on a script.

Jackie told Power 106 Los Angeles radio 18 months ago that the project was moving forward, saying, "For the last seven years, we've been turning down the script, turning down the script. Yesterday, we just agreed."

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