Whoopi Goldberg: I'm Much Better Despite Hospitalization for 24-Hour Bug
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After she went missing from the April 4 taping of 'The View', the 'Ghost' actress makes a return to the panel and explains that she had to seek treatment for an illness unrelated to her double pneumonia.

AceShowbiz - Whoopi Goldberg was back in hospital last week (ends April 05) after she was struck down with a bug following her near-fatal bout of double pneumonia.

The "Ghost" star was recently forced to take a weeks-long leave of absence from her U.S. talk show "The View" after battling pneumonia in both lungs, as well as sepsis - a potentially deadly complication of an infection.

She managed to beat the ailments and gradually returned to her role as a TV panellist last month, but had to miss another taping of the series on Thursday, April 04 to seek treatment for a separate illness.

Updating fans on Monday's episode of "The View", she said, "I'm much better. I'm much, much better."

"(I) had a 24-hour bug, which landed me back in the hospital last week, which is why I missed you all on Thursday. But, you know the bug came and went. It's gone. I seem to be doing well. I'm here!".

Whoopi had previously shared how serious her health crisis had been in a pre-taped video message which aired on "The View" in early March.

"I came very, very close to leaving the earth," the actress told fans in the clip. "Good news, I didn't."

She made a surprise cameo on the show a week later, as she warned viewers to pay close attention to their health, as she had been brushing off a niggling cough since November (2018), and only decided to seek treatment earlier this year.

"This is a cautionary tale for all of us...," the 63-year-old said. "The scariest moment was hearing my doctor say to me, 'You do realise how close to death you were?' That was like, 'Er, no, actually I hadn't thought of it!'."

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