'RHOA' Reunion: Cast Members Collectively Call Out NeNe Leakes for Her Shady Behavior
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During the reunion special of season 11, Eva Burruss also takes the opportunity to clarifiy her comment about Porsha Williams' friend Shamea which Kandi Burruss dubs offensive.

AceShowbiz - NeNe Leakes was not having the best time during the reunion episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" season 11 that aired on Sunday, April 7 on Bravo. The 51-year-old reality TV star, who is currently feuding with most of her co-stars, was called out by a number of the ladies during the explosive episode.

It didn't take long for the ladies to start arguing with Porsha Williams accusing NeNe of not being a supportive friend. It came down after host Andy Cohen asked NeNe if she was checking in on a then-pregnant Porsha, to which she responded, "No."

NeNe then said that she didn't attend Porsha's baby shower because she was in Canada to film something. When Andy noted her of being at a party for Floyd Mayweather, Jr. on the same day, NeNe played dumb and insisted that she was in Canada.

"She ain't been to s**t. You ain't been to nothing for me," Porsha said, adding that her absence at her baby shower hurt her feelings. "I'm being real. I noticed a pattern after the baby shower. I go to NeNe's events. However, last year, I had the vegan dinner, [and] she didn't come. Sex reveal? She didn't come. She didn't come to the baby shower. She likes to tell people that I am not a supportive friend. [But], you have not been supportive of me either."

NeNe hit back, saying, "You haven't been supportive. Ask the the rest of your cast whether they think you've been very supportive. I'm telling you that I don't think you are supportive."

Porsha wasn't the only one that NeNe was having a war of words with. NeNe was later confronted if the insecure "close friend" she talked about in a recent tweet was Cynthia Bailey, but she denied. However, her reason was more shocking since she said that she would never refer to her as a "close friend."

However, she admitted that she felt Cynthia was insecure by constantly using the hashtag of #CHill on her photos with her boyfriend, Mike Hill. "That's how I feel about it. It seems like it's overdone, like it's overkill to me," she said. "A girl can have an opinion, honey! But I have been the most supportive of Cynthia and Michael, despite what any of these girls are out here saying."

Cynthia responded, "Yeah, which is why I don't know why you think it's -- like, can I just live if I want to?" NeNe then replied, "Yes you can, but can I just have an opinion if I want to?" before Cynthia started saying, "As a friend.."

NeNe then sarcastically said, "It's great. It's amazing. I think it's amazing. I was asked a question, and I gave my opinion, friend." Cyntha replied, "Okay, well. I didn't like your opinion, friend."

Later in the episode, Eva Marcille took the opportunity to clarify her comment about Porsha's friend Shamea. She previously said that Shamea "ain't Blaque with a Q." Kandi Burruss felt Eva was referencing that Shamea was a darker-skinned Black woman, but Eva said that wasn't true.

"I meant that she was not in a singing group even though she was an aspiring singer," Eva explained. "The fact that you brought that up, [Andy], thank you. I would like to clear up this whole idea of me having a colorism issue. Colorism is an issue in communities of color all over the world, and to take lightly, like, 'Oh, she doesn't like dark-skinned peopleā€¦' "

"It definitely did not come off like you was trying to say she wasn't in a singing group," Kandi insisted. "That's not how it felt, that's not how it came off," she continued, adding that she noted that the comment seemed offensive. Eva said that she never intended to offend anyone and that was enough for Kandi to accept her explanation.

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