Jenelle Evans Slammed for Her Response to Animal Cruelty Accusation Against David Eason

Many are not buying the 'Teen Mom 2' star's lighthearted answer after they slam her husband for violently dragging a pig in an Instagram Live session.

AceShowbiz - Another day, another new controversy surrounding Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason. This time, the married couple caught heat after the "Teen Mom 2" star went on Instagram Live on Wednesday, April 3 to document their activity on their farm. Rather than feeling healed after watching the animals there, people were outraged over David's treatment to the pigs.

The video featured David moving a pig by holding its legs, before his wife decided to stop filming and deleted the video. But it appeared that her decision was already too late because some of her followers had already recorded the video and re-uploaded it online. Soon after, the clip went viral with many accusing David of animal cruelty.

As always, Jenelle took to social media to defend David, explaining why he treated the pig like that. "They are not pet pigs. We were moving them to their new pin. I stopped filming because I began filming in landscape mode with my iPhone. Coming to #YouTube soon!" she wrote on Twitter, adding the hashtag #Homesteading and #Farmlife.

Her response apparently backfired as many people didn't accept her reasoning and lighthearted answer, prompting them to criticize the mother of two even more. "So if you don't consider them 'pets' then it's fine to be rough with and abuse an animal?? Your husband is an abusive monster. And you can tell him I said that," one snarked as another said, "There is no difference in pet pigs and farm pigs' ability to feel pain or stress. So this is no excuse."

Someone else offered a lengthy response, "It doesn't matter if they're pets or not, you piece of dog s**t. Treat them humanely I doubt you even know what that means. You know how you and David treat each other, the kids and every animal you've ever owned? The opposite of that." Meanwhile, someone simply called the lovebirds "disgusting."

Jenelle has yet to respond to the second backlash.

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