Tracy Morgan Is Still Alive After Deadly Car Accident

Almost miraculously, these celebrities survive the horrifying incidents, including fatal car accident and brutal gun attack, despite coming close to death.

AceShowbiz - When it comes to near-death experience, we can't leave out the deadly car accident that Tracy Morgan had. While he could escape death following the accident, it unfortunately took the life of his friend, James McNair.

Morgan suffered a traumatic brain injury during the crash and was in coma for months. Much to everyone's surprise, he made a miracle by recovering.

"Something's different," he told Oprah Winfrey, explaining that the car crash changed the way he sees the world. "The way I am with people, something's just different. I find myself saying, 'I love you,' 200 times a day to strangers. I don't care -- I don't gotta know you to love you, I love you!"

He also revealed that he saw his late father, Jimmy Morgan Sr., during his coma. "He had this green, this green thing on," Morgan recalled on "The Oprah Winfrey Show". "I just remember him saying, 'I'm not ready for you, son.' I started crying so hard. Probably harder than I cried at his funeral. I just kept saying, 'Dad.' He was my best friend in life."

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