Jenelle Evans Slammed for Making Her Kids Wear Hats With Raunchy Messages

In one of photos that Jenelle posts on her Instagram account, her son Jace is seen donning a hat with sexual messages that read, '40 year old virgin in the making.'

AceShowbiz - Jenelle Evans lands in hot water once again over her parenting method. The "Teen Mom 2" star was ripped by internet users after sharing photos of her and husband David Eason's kids wearing something inappopriate during their dinner outing.

The pair and the kids, Jace (9) and Maryssa (11), were having a meal together at Dick's Last Resort on March 28. The restaurant chain is famous for hats that aren't exactly family-friendly, and it seems like the staff didn't try to make a change for the kids' makeshift hats.

In one of photos that Jenelle posted on her Instagram account, her son was seen donning a hat with sexual messages that read, "40 year old virgin in the making." Meanwhile, Maryssa's hat had a message that poked fun at Jenelle. "Future star on Teen Mom," it said.

Jenelle and David were definitely not going to miss out the fun. The pair could be seen donning hats with even raunchier messages. "On my knees more than Tim Tebow," the messages on Jenelle's hat wrote. Meanwhile, David had, "Inch and a half of pure pleasure," written on his hat.

Jenelle revealed that the messages got Maryssa confused as she asked, "What does an inch and a half of pleasure mean!?" to which David responded, "An inch and a half of pleasure is when your chicken nugget is more than an inch and a half. Why? Because it's going to be more delicious."

Absent from the outing was Jenelle and David's two-year-old daughter Ensley.

It didn't take long for a Twitter user to rip the TV star. "WHAT IN THE ACTUAL F**K? Like for real what PARENTS FIND this appropriate in any way? Oh that’s right these two combined have the mental capacity of 14 year old," one user wrote. "Was pretty shocked when I saw the hats and you know Jenelle and David went there knowing what to expect. They post this s**t online only for attention but the fact [Jenelle's mom] Barbara doesn't take issue with this is amazing," added another use.

Echoing the same sentiment, another user snarked, "I just don't get why Jenelle's kids got such inappropriate jokes….If you can't explain to your kids what their hats mean because it is so inappropriate that's weird to me."

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