J. Cole's Manager Responds to Viral Clip Featuring Rapper's Look-Alike Getting Punched

It is said that the man featured in the video, which is allegedly taken in Lagos, the capital city of Nigeria, is 'punched several times' and 'robbed.'

AceShowbiz - Twitterverse was sent into frenzy when a video which seemingly featured J. Cole getting involved in a public brawl went viral. The video has attracted 36.6K views on the micro-blogging site and fans were wondering what actually happened that led to the physical altercation.

In the video, a man who looks a lot like the rapper was seen to be in a large auditorium or some public place. Later, someone from his behind started assaulting him. The man confronted the Cole look-alike and grabbed his shirt. Before security got to stop the brawl, things got escalated as the man who looked like the rapper got punched right in the face.

It was said that the clip was taken in Lagos, the capital city of Nigeria. Local media reported that the man was "punched several times" and "robbed."

"Bruh what n***a just uppercut J Cole we need answers," one fan wrote on Twitter alongside the clip. Another fan tweeted while tagging Cole's manager Ibrahin H.'s account, "Yo can ya let @JColeNC breathe ya always tryna start s**t with him @KingOfQueenz please kill this noise."

Ibrahim the responded to the tweet, insisting that the man getting attacked on the clip was not Cole. "Huh?? bro that's not Cole. I'm assuming the original post was suppose to be a joke," he wrote.

In a separate tweet, Ibrahim added, "Man y'all gotta stop hitting my mentions about this video of that Cole look alike getting punched. I cant front though I had to do a double take too when I first saw it n***a Cole stay with look a likes all across the world."

J. Cole was recently confirmed among the lineup for upcoming Dreamville Festival, joining 21 Savage and SZA among others. The event will kick off on April 6. Meanwhile, "Revenge of the Dreamers III", the third compilation album from Dreamville, is set to hit the shelves in April. Fans assume that it will launch to coincide with the festival.

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