Find Out the Alleged Bridesmaid Who Spreads Rumors About Eva Marcille's Financial Struggles
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The 'RHOA' star's cousin takes to her Instagram account to reveal the identity of the bridesmaid who is said to be spreading rumors saying that Eva is broke.

AceShowbiz - Last episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" saw Eva Marcille addressing the rumors surrounding her that said she and her family were having a financial issue. It was said that the one who snitched on her was one of her bridesmaids.

During the episode, Eva told her co-stars she knew who that was but didn't drop a name. Well, she didn't have to because her cousin Terrell did it for her.

Taking to her Instagram account, Terrell revealed that the said bridesmaid is an Atlanta girl named Seannita. Alongside a photo of Eva, her new husband Michael Sterling, and her bridesmaids, Terrell wrote in the caption, "For all those that wondering. This is the BUM B***h that decide to trash my cuzzo @evamarcille after sleeping on her couch in Los Angeles for two fucking years for FREE."

She went on writing, "Lady's and Gentlemen @seannita !!! I never cared for her a**!! Told my cousin years ago! #ShesDefinitelyCatchingHands #WeAreFromTheStreets." Terrell added an arrow directing to Seannita to make it easier for everyone to know which one she was referring to.

Seannita reportedly moved in with Eva in 2015. According to reports, the two lived together in Los Angeles for two years. At the time, the two described each other as "best friends."

During the "RHOA" episode, Marlo Hampton spilled the tea to NeNe Leakes and Tanya Sam about the alleged "financial hardships" that Eva was facing. Eva was said to be getting kicked out of the house they were renting, which forced her and her family to move out a lot. Additionally, it was said that Eva had bad credit and was accused of being a "fraud."

Eva denied the rumors, telling everyone that the reason she moved so often was because she's trying to escape her violent ex. However, Marlo didn't seem to believe it as she whispered to Kandi that it sounded like Eva was lying. Meanwhile, Kandi suspected that Eva knew that the rumors of her bad financial situation would be brought up and she seemingly tried to change the narrative.

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