Keira Knightley Opens Up About Plans to Pursue Directing Career
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During an interview to promote her new drama movie 'The Aftermath', the 'Never Let Me Go' star explains what she still needs to learn before taking on the role behind the camera.

AceShowbiz - Keira Knightley is putting her plans to become a director on hold until her daughter grows up.

The British star, 33, has worked as an actress since her teens and eventually wants to put what she has learned to use behind the camera.

However, she plans to wait a few years before pursuing directing, as her number one priority at the moment is being a mum to three-year-old Edie, who she shares with husband James Righton.

"At the moment with a three-year-old, no," she told U.S. website Collider. "But maybe further down the line. Yeah. I've worked on a lot of films. I've worked with a lot of wonderful directors and I'm really interested in how it's all put together, and I really like working with scripts and storylines."

Explaining that she still has a lot to learn about filmmaking she added: "There's certain areas that I'm confident I'd be ok with, and certain areas where I'm not as confident. So we'll see in the future."

One skill Keira thinks she'll need is the ability to multi-task and focus on learning camera skills, rather than getting lost in a scene.

"The problem is as an actor what I'm meant to do is completely ignore that the camera is there," she mused. "So it's taken me so long completely ignore that the camera is there, that now if you're thinking about directing you need to start going, 'Why are you there and what lens are you on?'"

The Brit previously told Cover Media that becoming a mum had changed her approach to acting.

"I think it's impossible not to empathise with this character whether you are or not," she revealed at the London premiere of her latest movie "The Aftermath". "But my view of the world and the way that I play characters and the way that I see characters is different, because motherhood pretty much changes you fundamentally. So you can't not see the world differently and therefore see the characters differently."

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