Young Thug Granted Motion to Suppress Evidence in Drug Case
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Though it is still unclear whether he will have to face trial for eight felony charges stemming from his September 2018 arrest, the 'Check' rapper gets the judge to agree that his traffic stop was 'illegal.'

AceShowbiz - Rapper Young Thug has scored a key victory in his ongoing dispute over drug charges after he was granted a motion to suppress evidence.

The "Guwop" star has been fighting to have the counts relating to a 2017 drug arrest dismissed amid allegations suggesting Georgia police officers had acted improperly in pulling over his car, claiming his front windows were illegally tinted.

A search of the car led to Young Thug being booked on a felony drug count and a misdemeanour for the window violation, while he was later also hit with a felony charge for gun possession, among other accusations of intent to distribute drugs.

In December (2018), the MC, real name Jeffery Williams, requested to have the statements he made during his arrest thrown out of court because he claimed he had not been read his Miranda Rights, which allow him to stay silent.

He also alleged cops did not have real probable cause to search his vehicle.

His argument was heard in court on Thursday, March 21, when the judge sided with Young Thug, ruling prosecutors had presented "no credible evidence" of the window tint violation.

According to paperwork obtained by The Blast, the judge determined the traffic stop and search was "illegal and in violation" of the law, and as a result, agreed to have the evidence collected suppressed.

Despite the victory, it's not yet known if Young Thug will still have to face trial - he was indicted on eight felony charges relating to the arrest in September (2018), and faces prison time if convicted.

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