Rose McGowan Claims Press Is Under Assault by 'Its Own Stupidity'
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Following her promotional tour for 'Brave', the former 'Charmed' actress declares on social media that she is 'done giving interviews' as she brands journalists 'lazy a**.'

AceShowbiz - Rose McGowan has sworn off giving interviews following a promotional tour for her book "Brave".

The former "Charmed" actress gave countless interviews with media outlets to promote the paperback version of her memoir, and made headlines with her comments about movie producer Harvey Weinstein, who she claims raped her in the '90s, and the #MeToo movement, among others.

Following the end of her press tour, the 45-year-old declared on Twitter on Thursday night (March 21) that she was never giving interviews again because journalists are "lazy" and "stupid".

"Aha! Moment. I have come to conclude that the press bores the living s**t out of me. After finishing a pseudo press launch for my paperback, Brave, and talking to mostly f**kwits who are not living in their best mental lives. For this reason, I am done giving interviews," she tweeted.

"I'm realizing that #FakeNews is letting yourself be used by narrow minds to sell their stereotypes of you and others I call you all out most of you are lazy a*s press people (excluding those imprisoned) the press isn't under assault by anything but its own stupidity. Goddamn y'all."

She continued by urging the press to "rise up", stop making their readers dumb and to "start disseminating truth" before posting a video in which she said she doesn't watch the news because she can't watch "regurgitated s**t anymore."

"I've come to the conclusion that most people that are giving you the information are, in fact, lame, lazy f**kwits that like to write themselves as heroes when they're f**kwits," she said.

One of her followers then suggested she goes on U.S. panel show "The View" because they are supportive of her, and Rose replied by claiming that she was told she could only go on there if she discussed her abortion, which she tweeted about earlier this month without giving details.

"Oh, and a little behind the scenes tidbit. @theview said I could only go on if I talk about my abortion. Ewww. Go f**k yourself @abc," she wrote, concluding her tweeting session.

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