Lena Dunham Gets Candid About 'Rebound Romances' After Split From Jack Antonoff

Describing her attempt to move on after break-up from longtime boyfriend, the 'Girls' star notes that she returned to her dating life with 'the abandon of a grandma of 10 shopping duty-free.'

AceShowbiz - Lena Dunham returned to her dating life "with the abandon of a grandma of 10 shopping duty-free" after her split from Jack Antonoff.

The "Girls" star and singer/songwriter Jack ended their relationship in December 2017, after six years together. While the break-up took its toll, Lena attempted to move on from the heartbreak by throwing herself back into the dating world.

Writing for Vogue, Lena recalled how a man she has called Jeremy "slid into my DMs" after she posted a "thirst-trap picture in some plus-size panties" on Instagram. She was feeling "lonely as hell" at the time after her "near miss of a marriage," so decided to give Jeremy a chance.

"This seemed like a good way to find someone to spend my possibly long and assuredly messy life with," she explained, adding that he wasn't the only man she pondered a future with.

"During the brief spaces between rebound romances, I'd felt choppy and unrealised, like a vintage TV set without the sharpness adjusted," she said.

After direct messaging Jeremy for several weeks, they began texting and talking on the phone, before they eventually agreed to meet up in person. Things went from strength to strength for the pair, with the 32-year-old actress spending two days with Jeremy at his Los Angeles home, and Lena quickly started imagining what her life would look like with her new beau.

"I hope he would care for me when I got a fever or a bad review, that he was OK with an elastic sense of self and an even more elastic waistband," she wrote. "After half a decade with the same person, I had returned to my dating life with the abandon of a grandma of 10 shopping duty-free. I had missed all of this: the anxiety of constructing a new identity worth wanting, the jittery caffeine-high moments before the first kiss and an introduction to someone's second personality, the one they have when lust is released."

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