Nick Young Gets Girlfriend Pregnant With Baby No. 3 After Spending More Time at Home

The former Golden State Warriors star, who is currently a free agent, hopes his third child will be a baby boy because 'girls are a too much.'

AceShowbiz - Nick Young is soon to be adding another child to his family of four. The professional basketball star and his girlfriend Keonna Green are currently expecting their third child. He broke the news on Twitter on Monday, March 18.

"Num 3 is on the way ...," so he tweeted. Currently a free agent after the Denver Nuggets waived the point guard in December 2018 after just four games, he jokingly added, "I knew being at home this would happen lol."

Nick, who already has 7-year-old son Nick Young, Jr. and 6-month-old daughter Navi Young with Keonna, hopes that his third child will be a baby boy because he hinted that one little girl in the house is already too much to handle for him. "Dnt say that girls are a too much lol I can't do another lol," he replied to basketball trainer Travonne Edwards who wrote, "Congrats, another girl watch hahahaha."

Nick has since received a lot of congratulatory messages on his post, with some joking about his ability to "sink a three." Some others suggested names that start with "N" for his third child, and there were also people who advised him to marry his girlfriend already. "Can sis get a ring, tho?" one wrote.

But there were also some people who left negative comments. Responding to the negative comments, the 33-year-old athlete wrote in another post, "Just say congrats we dnt need the negativity around my lil one we're happy let us be happy thank you to everyone who being positive and praying for tho who need joy in their life... thanks and help us come up with names that start with N lol."

Nick and Keonna first started dating when they're in high school. He dated Australian rapper Iggy Azalea in 2013 and they got engaged in June 2015, but she broke off their engagement a year later after it was revealed that he cheated on her with another woman.

Soon after his split from Iggy, Keonna confirmed that she's 22 weeks pregnant with their second child together. Nick recently spoke about his desire to have another baby. At the premiere of "Captain Marvel" on March 4 which he attended with his family, he said that he wanted "one more."

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